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Moody’s affirms Malta’s A3 rating, Stable Outlook

The Ministry for Finance welcomes the latest rating by the international credit rating agency Moody’s re-affirming Malta’s rating at A3 with a stable outlook.   The Ministry notes that the main factors underpinning Moody’s rating were Malta’s resilient economy, its competitiveness level, the recent structural reforms, the...

IFSP Trusts Course Draws to a Close

The participants in the 2016 IFSP Foundation Certificate in Trusts Law and Management course have just sat for the exam leading to the conferral of the certificate. They were joined by students from the Faculty of Laws who had followed the trusts module at the...

Consensus Essential to Maintain Confidence

The Institute of Financial Services Practitioners (IFSP) is an association that brings together most of the practitioners in the financial services industry in Malta. From very small beginnings, the sector now accounts for a substantial share of Malta’s GDP, employing a large number of people...