170 attend IFSP conference

27th February 2019 • News

The IFSP’s conference for 2019 was held at the Xara Lodge on Monday, 25 February, and was very well attended: in all some 170 practitioners followed and participated in at lease some of the discussions. This year, besides updates on developments in areas such as taxation and the nexus between IT and financial services – FinTech for short –  included important discussions on the ethics that ought to drive the industry, the reputational damage caused by abandoning those ethical and governance standards and of course, what practitioners can and should do to ensure standards are upheld.

We thank all who attended for their contribution to the discussion, and ask for your feedback which may be submitted online through this link, or from the conference page under Events on 25 February on the calendar. We won’t take much of your time, but your views on the conference, the content and organisation will be of great value to us when preparing future events!

The programme with details of the speakers may be downloaded as a PDF, as well as the presentations used during the conference. Be warned, however: this time round, the speakers did not rely heavily on PowerPoint!