2022 IFSP AGM approves updated Charter

5th August 2022 • IFSP AGM, News

IFSP Statute updated to match current needs


During the 2022 IFSP AGM held on 27 July 2022, members approved a new, updated Charter of the IFSP with 33 votes in favour and none against. The text is available on the IFSP website.

While many of the changes are simply intended to clean up the existing text and update the language of the Charter, the 2022 text includes three significant changes.

First, in order to continue to operate while costs rise, the annual membership fee will be increased to €220 for 2023 and to €235 for 2024 (student membership fees are being increased to €50 in both years). This is the first increase in fees for seven years.

Second, the 2022 Charter allows for the Institute to recruit a CEO to strengthen the Secretariat as challenges continue to mount. It also introduces the Executive Committee (ExCo), made up of the four Officers of the IFSP plus the chairs of the subcommittees, meeting on a weekly basis to handle fast-moving developments that cannot wait for the monthly Council meetings.

Finally, the Charter formalises the shift of the date of the AGM to July. In practical terms, this shift has been dictated by circumstance. This is unlikely to change, and thus the new charter requires the AGM to be held by 31 July.


The 2022 Charter may be downloaded through this link