Call for volunteers to join our Sub-committees

18th August 2021 • News

The Institute of Financial Services Practitioners tackles a large number of the many and varied issues facing the financial services sector through its subcommittees, led by a Council member and including members with the knowledge and experience needed to deal with the specialised areas of concern. This is in many ways the strength of the IFSP: it is able to bring a broad view to its positions, taking into account the concerns of practitioners in small organisations as well as in large, and to approach an issue from different angles.

For this, the Institute asks its members whether they would be able to volunteer for one of the sub-committees. This does require a degree of commitment: subcommittees meet on a regular basis, and members have documents to read and comments upon. The frequency of meetings depends upon the workload facing each subcommittee, however on average they meet every month.

You may wish to consult the terms of reference for each of the subcommittees, available on our website.

Should you wish to contribute to the work of the IFSP, please send us an email indicating which subcommittee you would like to join. The sub-committees are listed below:


Education Sub-committee 
chaired by Mirko Rapa
Download subcommittee brief 

Regulated Business Sub-committee 
chaired by Wayne Pisani
Download subcommittee brief 
For the Regulated Business subcommittee, please let us know what area of regulated business you have experience in. 

Tax and EU Affairs Sub-committee 
chaired by Juanita Brockdorff
Download subcommittee brief 

Marketing and Communications Sub-committee 
chaired by Matthew Zampa
Download subcommittee brief 

Directors Sub-committee 
chaired by Etienne Borg Cardona
Download subcommittee brief 

CSP Sub-committee 
chaired by Stephen Attard
Download subcommittee brief 


Please note that sitting on a sub-committee may involve a considerable time commitment. The sub-committee chair has the final say in who joins the committees, and indeed in the number of people on each, to ensure each sub-committee remains workable and effective.


Thank you for your contribution!