Due Diligence Service

The C6 service provides information on names listed on a wide range of sanction lists (EU, US, UN, UK, plus others), a PEP register and adverse media on the name searched. This information is available on a worldwide basis. The information is comprehensive and up to date but, as with all services of this sort is not complete; there will be omissions, particularly on the PEP register and the adverse media lists.

Note that C6 regularly updates its data and reviews profiles it holds on names; once in a while, this will be the case with a name you are interested in. In this case, we contact C6 directly for an update. Note also that if you have a client you have suspicions, or negative information, about, and that person does not have a profile on the C6 database, we will make a report to C6 upon which they carry out their own research and update their information.

Depending on the country of residence of the subject, C6 may carry further information which can be helpful in definitively identifying your subject, and in eliminating false positives. It can also be of use in verifying your client’s claims. This includes access to company registers, to address databases, to information from financial regulators and other lists. For example, for the UK there is access to Companies House, to the Charities Commission and to the local council electoral lists for addresses; across a lot of Europe and the US, C6 also has access to telephone directories. Among the types of information available on the report there is also an indication of whether the person (or company, of course) is bankrupt, or has been disqualified from acting as a director.

Passport Verification

The final service available is what we call a “passport check”. Essentially, we enter the information listed on the data page of a passport, from which a two-line code is generated. We compare the generated code to the code printed at the bottom of the data page (the MRZ code); if they do not match, then the passport is not a valid document (falsified, forged, etc). This is not a very good security system, since the algorithm required to generate the code is public and any halfway competent forger can generate a correct code but it is the only security available.

Using the Service

To use the C6 service, one needs to open an account by sending an email to duediligence@ifsp.org.mt.