President's Welcome Message

The IFSP is here today because of the foresight of a group of people 34 years ago, who believed in the potential of a then-fledgling financial services industry and what that could mean for the country.

The Institute is truly a unique association. It is defined by the industry that its services rather than by the profession of its members. The uniqueness of the IFSP is that it brings together all professionals that have an interest in this industry and indirectly the firms within which they work. The IFSP has, over the years, been able to offer to the Government of the day the services of the best brains on the Island whenever an opportunity has arisen or a crisis loomed.

The IFSP, through its Committees, maintains a constant dialogue with other authorities, such as the FIAU, the MFSA, the ROC and Identity Malta. It is also very active in addressing issues related to taxation and has a good working relationship with the Inland Revenue Department and the International Tax Unit.

The Institute of Financial Services Practitioners today boasts more than 420 members, and is continuously growing with new applications being received every month. The tagline IFSP –  The Voice of the Financial Services Industry in Malta really articulates what the IFSP is all about – the voice of the financial services industry from different angles from taxation to anti-money laundering to education. This is a role the IFSP intends to go on filling for as long as practitioners in the industry continue to offer their support.

Welcome on board!