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Technical Committees

Much of the work done by the IFSP on behalf of its members and the financial services community as a whole is mediated through the Institute’s sub-committees. Meeting as required – either on a regular schedule or according to need – the sub-committees provide an invaluable service.


Whenever the authorities, be it the government, the regulators or the European commission, need industry feedback through a consultation process they contact the IFSP. The response comes through the sub-committees, meeting, researching the issues and drafting the reply.


More than that: the sub-committees also meet to generate proposals to be sent to the authorities to improve the legal and regulatory underpinning to the financial services sector, and to provide members with the guidance they need to operate effectively. Each committee is subject to renewal after a year.


For 2022/2023, the IFSP has 8 active Subcommittees and 1 Working Group:



Standards Subcommittee

Chairperson: Mr Nick Captur
Members: Dr Andrew Zammit, Dr Anthony Cremona, Mr Matthew Zampa, Dr Wayne Pisani, Ms Adriana Camilleri Vassallo, Mr Simon Gatt.



Corporate Service Providers Subcommittee

Chairperson: Dr Stephen Gatt
Members: Mr Nicholas Warren, Mr Antoine Demicoli, Mr Ruben Galea, Mr Johan Baldacchino, Ms Claire Scicluna, Mr Rishi Bonello, Mr Nicholas Trapani Galea Feriol, Mr Simon Gatt.



Directors’ Subcommittee

Chairperson: Mr Etienne Borg Cardona
Members: Ms Juanita Bencini, Mr John Borg Olivier, Ms Alexia Farrugia, Mr David Galea Souchet, Mr George Gregory, Ms Elena Grima Tortell, Mr Mark Lautier, Mr Gordon Mifsud, Ms Deborah Schembri, Mr Antoine Demicoli, Mr Simon Gatt.



Education Subcommittee

Chairperson: Mr Mirko Rapa
Members: Mr Malcolm Becker, Ms Francesca Bergdahl, Ms Romina Camilleri, Mr Nick Captur, Mr Michael Ellul, Dr Louise Cachia Caruana, Dr John Ellul Sullivan, Dr Malcolm Falzon, Mr Paul Magro, Mr Malcolm Meilaq, Mr Steve Muscat Azzopardi, Mr Samuel Sciberras, Ms Karen Spiteri Bailey, Mr Luca Pace,  Ms Lindsey Busuttil.



Marketing & Communications Subcommittee

Chairperson: Dr Joseph Ghio
Members: Ms Geraldine Spiteri, Mr Alan Cuschieri, Dr Geanine Giglio, Ms Claire Scicluna, Mr Ryan Buttigieg, Ms Lizianne Pace Frendo.



PMLFT Subcommittee

Chairperson: Ms Juanita Bencini
Members: Mr Paul Magro, Ms Kristianne Fenech, Ms Ariane Azzopardi, Ms Jeanette Gatt, Ms Angie Fleri Soler, Mr Malcolm Mallia, Mr Alex Agius, Ms Daniela Pace, Mr Stephen Patrick Gauci, Mr Daniel Attard, Ms Marion Borg Muscat, Mr Karl Xuereb, Ms Geraldine Spiteri, Dr Anthony Cremoma, Dr James Scerri Worley, Ms Davinia Cutajar, Ms Kirsten Debono Huskinson, Mr Michael Parlato Trigona, Ms Joette Sciortino, Ms Diane Bugeja, Mr David Grixti, Dr Mario Zerafa, Mr Karl Diacono, Ms Anndrea Moran, Mr Alan Calleja, Ms Adriana Camilleri Vassallo, Ms Clare Borg Galea, Mr Franklin Cachia, Mr Barry Woestenburg, Dr Rakele Gauci, Ms Ann Baldacchino, Mr Roderick Cutajar, Mr Simon Gatt.



Regulated Business Subcommittee

Chairperson: Dr Wayne Pisani
Members: Dr David Gonzi, Mr Patrick Gatt, Mr Paul Magro, Mr Alan Cuschieri, Ms Alexia Muscat, Ms Alexia Farrugia, Mr Alistair Muscat, Dr Andre Zerafa, Dr Andrew Zammit, Ms Anndrea Moran, Mr Daniel Attard, Ms Daniela Pace, Mr David Griscti, Mr David Herrera, Ms Deborah Schembri, Ms Denia Ellul, Ms Donna Greaves, Ms Elizabeth Carbonaro, Mr Fabio Finazzi, Mr George Mangion, Ms Geraldine Spiteri, Mr James Farrugia, Dr Jonathan De Giovanni, Prof. Joseph Falzon, Dr Joseph Ghio, Ms Juliette Galea, Mr Karl Xuereb, Ms Kelly Fenech, Ms Kristianne Fenech, Mr Lawrence Buttigieg, Ms Maria Deguara, Mr Mark Curmi, Dr Matthew Bianchi, Mr Matthew Booker, Mr Matthew Zampa, Mr Nicholas Warren, Mr Patrick Mangion, Mr Roderick Cutajar, Ms Romina Camilleri, Mr Silvio Debono, Dr Sylvana Zammit Demcoli, Dr Vanessa Brincat Rossignaud, Ms Vitorine Bajada, Mr Simon Gatt.



Tax & EU Affairs Subcommittee

Chairperson: Dr Juanita Brockdorff
EU Affairs:  Dr Neville Gatt, Dr Juanita Brockdorff
Members: Mr Nicky Gouder, Ms Geraldine Spiteri, Mr Chris Curmi, Dr Rosanne Bonnici, Ms Kirsten Debono Huskinson, Ms Maria Deguara, Mr Kurt Risiott, Ms Michelle de Maria, Mr Chris Naudi, Mr Richard Cachia Caruana, Ms Trudy Muscat,  Dr Ramona Azzopardi, Mr Matthew Zampa, Mr Bernard Attard, Mr Simon Gatt.



Strategy Working Group

Chairperson: Mr Tonio Zarb

Members: Mr Richard Cachia Caruana, Mr Manfred Galdes, Mr Chris Curmi, Dr Neville Gatt, Dr Wayne Pisani, Mr Nick Captur, Dr Rosanne Bonnici, Ms Juanita Bencini.