Blockchain scholarship awarded to 19 students

23rd May 2019 • News

Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation Silvio Schembri awarded the first Blockchain and DLT scholarship grants to 19 students.



“These 19 awardees are a symbol of courage to embrace change and we definitely need more like them. I thank the University of Malta and MITA’s future-looking mindset and for their commitment in preparing future generations for the necessities of future industries, as well as the building blocks of Malta The Blockchain Island require everyone’s involvement, from the ground up”, said Silvio Schembri.



Silvio Schembri said that we are now looking at the fusion of traditional professions with technology. With the fast pace at which the digital scenario is evolving, we will soon be setting our sights on financial engineering, ICT engineering, and even lawyers specialising in technology. “Evidently, technology will infiltrate and mould the landscape of sectors and professions in a different manner than the way we know them today, hence we must prepare ourselves for the changes and anticipate the ever-changing scenario this will bring about”.



The Rector of the University of Malta Alfred Vella said that with the government’s vision of making Malta ‘The Blockchain Island’, it was a natural and exciting step for the University of Malta to take a leap forward and be part of this journey. He applauded the efforts and works done by those involved to award the first students to specialise their studies in this new industry.



“Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies provide new educational and academic challenges. Which span multiple disciplines including law, business, and ICT. It is for this reason that we have been proactive at the University of Malta in developing a multi-disciplinary master’s programme in Blockchain and DLT”, said Director of Centre of Distributed Ledger Technology Joshua Ellul.



“We are not stopping here. Early next year, another fresh call will be issued to give the opportunity to more students to develop their studies at Masters and PhD levels. With today’s working environment, the use of IT is used in different sectors, so I remind our prospective students that this scholarship is not only open to technical study stream, but also to those having a background of law or business”, said MITA’s Executive Chairman Tony Sultana.



In September of last year MITA and the University of Malta signed a Memorandum of Understanding which established a €300,000 scholarship grant for a period of 3 years aimed at students who want to pursue their studies in Blockchain and DLT at Masters and PhD levels.



All awardees will be reading for a Masters degree in Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technologies, some students will be specialising in Law and DLT, others in Finance and Business and DLT and some will be specializing in ICT and DLT. The investment in these 19 awardees amounts to €160,000.




Source: Press Release issued by Parliamentary Secretariat for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation