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What’s kept us busy over the past year

IFSP working on fintech regulation, tax matters, AML and more The IFSP has been kept busy over 2018, a situation which looks set to continue through 2019. Through the IFSP […]
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Updating AML rules

The PMLFT sub-committee is another that has been kept busy during 2018, and will continue to be deeply engaged through 2019. Again, there are a number of strands to the […]
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Distributed Ledgers and Virtual Financial Assets

New areas of business are always welcome, but bring with them new risks and concerns as well as bright opportunities. Fintech in general, cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers technology is a […]
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Banking woes

It is unfortunate to have to recognise that practitioners continue to face problems in their dealings with banks in Malta. Many are refusing to open bank accounts for corporate customers […]
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A taxing year….

The IFSP’s Tax and EU Affairs sub-committee during 2018 has worked on behalf of its members on a number of fronts, namely the Mandatory Disclosure Directive, the implementation of ATAD, […]