A Course for CSPs - Lecture 4.3: Principles of Taxation: Value Added Tax

A Course for CSPs – Lecture 4.3: Principles of Taxation: Value Added Tax



The provision of corporate services is an important pillar to Malta’s financial services offering, these include offering assistance to customers with the establishment of companies, acting as a director or the provision of directorship services, provision of company secretary services, and the provision of registered office services.


The quality of service provided is therefore of utmost importance, as is the integrity of the service provider.
The company service provider (CSP) is also very often the first contact a customer makes with Malta , before any regulator or authority. This also means that the first line of defence against the use of Malta as a base for undesirable or even criminal activity is the CSP.


Anyone providing CSP services must be knowledgeable about, and thoroughly versed in, best practice and the applicable rules. Furthermore, the revision of regulations covering the activities of CSPs, including a requirement for practitioners to hold demonstrable professional preparation, increases the need for professional education.



Lecture 4.3

Principles of Taxation: Value Added Tax



Ramona Azzopardi, Joselyn Teuma & Sarah Cassar Torregiani




2nd February 2021 16:00 - 2nd February 2021 20:00
Simon Gatt