FIAU Notice: Notification of new UN Listings issued by the Sanctions Monitoring Board

18th June 2021 • Notice Board

In pursuit of a common goal of safeguarding the Maltese financial sector, gaming sector, and other sectors and professions from being misused for criminal purposes, the FIAU would like to bring to the attention of all subject persons a notification which has just been issued by the Sanctions Monitoring Board (“SMB”) in relation to new UN Listings under the UN ISIL(Daesh), Al Qaeda list, which may be accessed here.

Please be reminded that all EU/UN sanctions are directly applicable under Maltese law under the National Interest (Enabling Powers) Act, Chapter 365 of the Laws of Malta (the “Act”).

Should any of the clients of subject persons be a person or entity who is listed under UN/EU or national sanctions or who is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by a listed person or entity, the freezing measures mentioned under Article 17 of the Act apply. The Sanctions Monitoring Board is to be informed immediately of the actions that have been taken in relation to the assets of such listed persons.

The SMB is the entity tasked under the Act with monitoring the application of sanctions issued by the United Nations Security Council and by the Council of the European Union, among other functions. Any questions may be made to the Sanctions Monitoring Board on

Subject persons are encouraged to subscribe to SMB notifications with the latest UN/EU and national sanctions by sending an email request on

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