FIAU Testing of the new STR Submission System

8th April 2020 • News

Testing of the new STR Submission System – goAML  (Test and Production)


Test Environment (For testing and training purposes only)

In preparation of the new STR submission system, the FIAU has published the test environment for the use of the recognised Maltese reporting entities. The reporting entities are encouraged to register to the new system for the purpose of testing the system and the training of internal staff. The testing of the new web forms and the XML file upload for automated reporting can be performed as well as the testing of the new functionality related to the message board and role management for the reporting entities’ internal users. Please note that a user guide is available for further information on how to use this system. This registration to this system is optional for the time being  to the reporting entities, however it is highly recommended to ensure a smooth transition to the new system in June 2020.



Production Environment (For registration purpose only) 


By the 29th April 2020, the FIAU is also requesting all the reporting entities to register on the new production environment in preparation of the data migration of our system. This system should only be used for the purpose of generating the profile and user accounts of your organisation. No other operation will be allowed or accepted until the GoLive date. The existing STR submission system should be used until end of June 2020 and another FIAU communication will published to confirm the details for the Go Live date.


The FIAU has also updated the XSD schema, technical documentation and XML sample files to reflect the recent feedback provided by the reporting entities. Please ensure to refer to this schema to ensure that your XML files pass all validations.


Link to updated XSD package;