Financial Services SWOT Analysis Survey - Your Opinion Matters!

3rd March 2021 • News

In the interests of developing a medium to long term strategy for financial services in Malta, the MFSA the IFSP, along with other actors in the Financial Services arena, has been asked to provide feedback to a set of specific questions.

This is an important exercise, and one which you undoubtedly have an interest in. We are asking for your viewpoint on a number of factors related to specific subsets of the financial services offering and would appreciate your taking the time to provide your views, which will be compiled into the IFSP’s response.

Please visit the questionnaire through the link below to provide your views by noon on Friday, 5 March. You are free to provide feedback to some or all of the sub-sectors and themes in short, telegraphic format.

We apologise for the short time-frame provided! We would however appreciate your views on the issues the questionnaire raises.