Further business opportunities for the insurance agencies – Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna

24th October 2017 • News

Minister for Finance Edward Scicluna welcomed the renewed commitment of Argus Insurance Agencies to expand their operations in Malta, while addressing their staff with their business partners at an event held over the weekend. Minister Scicluna commended the company for having a majority female workforce as well as its policy to adopt family-friendly measures.


“Government is committed to introduce new initiatives which will open new avenues in the coming years for the financial services sector, such as the Equity Release Facilities, whereby the elderly, while continuing to live in their own home, will be given the possibility to augment their annual income by entering into an agreement with insurance agencies to make better use of their property”, remarked Minister Scicluna.


He also urged the employers to offer pension schemes for their employees, now that the Government has introduced fiscal incentives for both employers and employees to invest in pension schemes on a voluntary basis.


Shiela Nicoll, Argus Global Chairperson, addressed the event and stated that it is her company’s intention to increase its operations in Malta following Brexit.


Vanessa Borg, CEO Argus Insurance Agencies (Malta), stated that thanks to the dedication of employees and brokers, the company will continue to make inroads in the local insurance sector and will seek a further expansion of its business.


Source:  Press Release issued by the Ministry of Finance