Government sets up National Office for FDI Screening

18th June 2020 • News

The National Foreign Direct Investment Screening Office is now fully operational. The aim of this office is to implement EC Regulation 2019/452 which will be transposed into the laws of Malta in the coming weeks.


The Office, in collaboration with the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners and the Malta Institute of Accountants, has developed an application form which can now be downloaded at


With immediate effect, service providers should therefore apply online before submitting the M & A to the Malta Business Registry. The Screening Office will be informing the MBR electronically on the outcome of the applications. Service providers are kindly reminded to read the conditions in the application form, a copy of which can be accessed here.


This application form should be filled in only in cases where the ultimate beneficial owners are third country nationals.


The Office would like to acknowledge with gratitude the contribution of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners, the Malta Institute of Accountants and Chamber of Advocates. Their contribution was instrumental in the streamlining and implementation of the screening process.


For further information, please contact the National FDI Screening Office as follows;


Telephone: 00356 25423343 / 00356 25423136