IFSP asks for members' views on CSP regulation

11th November 2019 • News, Publications

The Malta Financial Services Authority has issued a consultation paper on the possible future regulation of Corporate Services Providers under the title Raising the Bar for Corporate Services Providers. This is an area of crucial importance to most of the members of the IFSP. Many, if not most of them are involved in the provision of corporate service in some form or another, and their views on the ideas floated in the consuiltation paper are of utmost importance.

The IFSP has set up a survey form for members to send in their position on the consultation paper, and urges all members to send in their comments which will then form the basis of the IFSP’s response to the MFSA. This is a way to ensure that members’ views are heard!

Please note, however, that there are time constraints. The MFSA has plavced a deadline of 22 November for responses to be submitted, so we ask that the survey be completed by 15 November, to allow for the final response to be generated from the questionaires completed.

The consultation paper is itself is available through this link, while the survey may be accessed through this link, or by scanning the QR code below.