IFSP welcomes a new President

17th August 2021 • Articles & PRs, News

Tonio Zarb, a partner at KPMG, was elected IFSP President following the Institute’s AGM held on 28 July 2021. He takes over the position from Wayne Pisani, who has been President for the past three years.

The AGM, attended by 100 members of the Institute of Financial Services Practitioners, elected a new Council for 2021/22. The newly elected Council members met briefly immediately after the AGM ended to select the new President. Dr Wayne Pisani, re-elected to Council, stepped down as President following his three years in the position, during which the Institute and profession, in general, have faced momentous changes and developments.

The newly elected Council thanked Dr Pisani for his active and highly effective leadership over the past three years, navigating the Institute through the many, sometimes difficult changes in the financial services sector with skill and diplomacy in the best interest of both practitioners and the country.

Nick Captur was reconfirmed as Vice President, Rosanne Bonnici as Honorary Secretary, and Chris Curmi as Treasurer. The sub-committee chairs were also confirmed, with the PMLFT sub-committee chaired by Juanita Bencini, the Marketing and Communications sub-committee by Matthew Zampa, the Tax and EU Affairs sub-committee by Juanita Brockdorff, with Neville Gatt heading the EU affairs efforts, and the Education sub-committee chaired by Mirko Rapa. The Investment Services sub-committee has been renamed the Regulated Business sub-committee and will be chaired by Wayne Pisani.

Two new subcommittees have been established, both taking forward what had originally been working groups: the Directors sub-committee chaired by Etienne Borg Cardona and the CSP sub-committee, chaired by Stephen Attard who also leads the MBR working group. Ethics, which had been subsumed into the Marketing committee, is being handled by the Standards sub-committee, which is chaired by the IFSP Vice President, Nick Captur.

The full list of Council members for 2021/22 is:

Tonio Zarb, President
Nick Captur, Vice President and Chairperson of the Standards Sub-committee
Rosanne Bonnici, Honourary Secretary
Chris Curmi, Treasurer
Stephen Attard, Chairperson of the CSP Sub-committee
Etienne Borg Cardona, Chairperson of the Directors Sub-committee
Mirko Rapa, Chairperson of the Education Sub-committee
Matthew Zampa, Chairperson of the Marketing and Communications Sub-committee
Juanita Bencini, Chairperson of the PMLFT Sub-committee
Wayne Pisani, Chairperson of the Regulated Business Sub-committee
Juanita Brockdorff, Chairperson of the Tax and EU Affairs Sub-committee
Andre Zerafa
Andrew Zammit
Chris Naudi
Joseph Ghio
Neville Gatt
Robert Attard
Timothy Zammit