MBR Notice: Accessing Involvements with the Malta Business Registry

22nd February 2024 • News

The Malta Business Registry (MBR) acknowledges the interest expressed by
individuals in obtaining reports regarding their involvements within the various
companies/entities registered with the Registrar of Companies. In response, we
are pleased to inform users of a user-friendly solution available to facilitate their
inquiry into such lists of involvements.

Through their personalised MBR portal account, individuals can conveniently
access a comprehensive list of companies/entities in which they, as natural
persons, are involved. This portal is specifically designed to provide users with
accurate and up-to-date details about their current involvements, thereby
ensuring transparency and efficiency throughout the process.

To access the MBR Portal, please refer to Section 1 of the FAQs for login
instructions. Once logged in, navigate to Profile – Involvements to view your
current involvements.

By utilising this feature of the MBR portal account, users can effortlessly access
a list of involvements within companies, eliminating the need to submit
separate requests via email for detailed reports. This functionality enables users
to access essential information regarding their involvement at their

Should you encounter any challenges or have additional queries, our
dedicated IT support team is available to assist you. You may reach out to
them at support.mbr@mbr.mt and they will be more than happy to provide
further guidance.