MBR Online System - APIs

23rd January 2024 • Notice Board

In an ever-technological scenario triggered by the constant drive for data sharing particularly in the corporate world, the discussion revolving around APIs is at its prime. Following MBR’s recent and significant digitalization strides, as an entity they retain their commitment to further explore new technological methods for the benefit of the business community as a whole.

They are reaching out to you as Corporate Service Providers / interested parties to extend an invitation and participate in this workshop during which you can discuss collaborations and understand what is required from a technical point of view. Eventually, this shall pave the way for future cooperation that shall enhance data sharing to be done at the same time at an age when it has been predicted by the IDC (International Data Corporation) that by 2025 one-third of the data produced globally will be real time.

To encourage an in-depth discussion, they advise that only up to 3 technical individuals (IT/Legal/Accountancy/company administrators) from your company attend this workshop. Combining the legal technological element in this discussion is crucial to establish the pediment for a way forward.

To secure your slot kindly book through this link:-


All proceeds will go to charity.