Membership with the IFSP will assist you, and ultimately your clients, in the opportunities and challenges that the field of financial services offers.


Our aim of obtaining official recognition as the body representing financial services practitioners has long been achieved.  Being a member of the IFSP offers many benefits, amongst which are:

News Updates

Receive regular updates in all areas of financial services

Make an Impact

Participate in our sub-committees

Courses & Seminars

Designed to unlock your potential

Exclusive Member Benefits

Access to our website members’ area

Calendar of Events

We promote your conferences and seminars

Other benefits include:

  • Membership Certificate
  • The right to use the initials MIFSP (or AIFSP) after your name.
  • The right to use the IFSP logo on your website, according to the IFSP’s published guidelines available on the Marketing Toolkit page for members.
  • The use of our website which offers various useful links and an area restricted to members.
  • A number of seminars exclusively for members on various current issues in the industry.
  • Subsidized participation fees for seminars available to both members and non-members.
  • The right to join various Sub-Committees dealing with Tax, PMLFT, Investments, Education and other matters.
  • Detailed information on the work of the various sub-committees.
  • Information of any seminars or initiatives being held by any organization in Malta in the field of Financial Services.
  • The use of our website calendar of events to promote your company’s conferences, seminars and courses.
  • The opportunity to voice your opinion, suggestions, comments on related topics, and to receive the view of other professionals practicing in the area.
  • The possibility of having your concerns put forward to the authority involved, and tentatively instigating the required changes or amendments.

The IFSP actively pursues its aims. Your membership, and indeed your participation, will also help the IFSP become even more effective.

Criteria to become a member

A person shall be entitled to apply for membership as a “Member” of the Institute if he/she (a) holds a University degree or an equivalent qualification which is obtained after a course of at least three years duration, or occupies a senior management post within the financial services industry and (b) is sponsored by two fully paid-up members of the Institute and (c) has at least two years’ worth of full- time practice in the financial services industry, all to the satisfaction of the Council.

Other information

Membership subscriptions become due on 31st December each year and it is important that fees (€235 annually) are paid consecutively and as promptly as possible. Members will be provided with notification for renewal in early December, which will include payment details. Failure to do this, members will be removed from the Membership Directory and will no longer be considered as Members of the IFSP. One will be required to pay all outstanding fees prior to their name being submitted to Council for consideration for reinstatement.

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