New Honorary Life Members of the IFSP

30th April 2020 • News

In recognition of their work, Kevin Valenzia and Andrew Manduca have been made Honorary Life Members of the IFSP.


Both Mr Valenzia and Mr Manduca are founder members of the Institute, part of the group that established the Association of Nominee Companies in the late 1980s and then steered the association through the early years of the Maltese financial jurisdiction and the rewriting of the entire financial and commercial legal framework that enabled the growth of international business, while helping navigate from an offshore regime to the current, EU rooted jurisdiction.


They should not need much of an introduction to many of the Institute’s members. Both have served as Presidents of the IFSP, and have put their considerable experience in the industry, and their deep knowledge of the technical, political and economic aspects of the practice of finance to good use in the service of the IFSP, its members and indeed, all financial services practitioners on the islands.