New IFSP Council elected during 2019 AGM

8th May 2019 • IFSP AGM
Dr Wayne Pisani re-elected IFSP President for 2019/20
Dr Wayne Pisani re-elected IFSP President for 2019/20

IFSP President calls for practitioners to adhere to the highest ethical standards

During the IFSP’s Annual General Meeting for 2019 held on 6 May 2019 in the MFSA’s Conference Hall, an election for IFSP Council members was held. The 16 strong Council for 2019/2020 includes Dr Wayne Pisani, Mr Nick Captur, Dr Rosanne Bonnici, Mr Chris Curmi, Ms Juanita Bencini, Mr Andre Zarb, Dr Andre Zerafa, Mr Mirko Rapa, Dr Andrew Zammit, Dr Robert Attard, Dr Stephen Attard, Dr Juanita Brockdorff, Dr Neville Gatt, Mr Andrew Manduca, Mr Chris Naudi and Mr Kevin Valenzia.

Dr Pisani was re-confirmed as President of the IFSP, while Dr Bonnici continues to fulfil the duties of Honorary Secretary. Mr Captur replaces Mr Manduca as Vice-President, and Mr Curmi takes on the role of Treasurer from Mr Austin Demajo.

Members present listened to a review of the activities of the Institute over the past year and had the opportunity to ask Council members and sub-committee chairs about the issues dealt with in a year that has seen rapid change and a challenging environment for financial services in Malta.

During his presentation of the IFSP’s Council Report for the period May 2018 to May 2019, Dr Wayne Pisani, IFSP President, told members present that “Over the past year we experienced Malta’s rapid development in the regulation of the application of digital technology in the delivery of financial services.”

He warned, however, that “The reputation of the Maltese jurisdiction has been sorely tested over the past two years, to a much greater extent than had been the case for the bulk of the industry’s lifetime.”

The Institute “can … be proud of its members and of Maltese practitioners in general, the large majority of whom have adhered to the highest ethical standards, and indeed continue to do so in these difficult times,” he concluded. “We must curtail rogue practitioners who continue to misrepresent Malta’s value proposition to international business, rendering advice which runs counter to international tax policy and transparency standards Malta and the EU uphold.”

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