Notice from FIAU: Measures taken by FIAU in response to the COVID‐19 outbreak (including REQ‐related measures)

23rd March 2020 • News

The FIAU has taken a number of measures in response to the COVID‐19 outbreak to protect the well‐ being of its officers and visitors, including Subject Persons, and also to contribute to national efforts to slow its spreading.


Despite these measures, some of which are outlined below and affect persons subject to domestic AML/CFT regulations and obligations, the FIAU is striving to ensure the normal continuity of its operations, with all officials still attending to their functions, where possible, on a remote basis when not present at the FIAU’s offices, and meetings being conducted through remote means.


These precautionary measures may still however impact our capability to conduct the FIAU’s functions and reply to electronic or written correspondence with normal efficiency.


1. REQs:


The FIAU appreciates that, in response to the COVID‐19 pandemic, several Subject Persons are also implementing measures, and that these may impact their capability and efficiency in responding to regulatory submissions.


In this regard, the FIAU would like to notify Subject Persons that the late submission penalty fee of EUR 100 applicable throughout the REQ submission period from 1st April 2020 to 4th May 2020 shall not be applicable.


There shall also not be a ‘late submission’ period, and the only deadline for the submission of the REQ shall, for the time being and unless further extended by the FIAU which will be monitoring the situation, be set for 4th May 2020 at 17:00hrs. Subject Persons who submit their REQ after the 4th May deadline may be subject to administrative penalties.


Should you have any queries regarding the REQs, kindly contact the FIAU by email on


2. Queries from Subject Persons:


Should Subject Persons have any queries, including REQ‐related queries, Subject Persons are kindly requested not to contact the FIAU by telephone, but to send an email on one of the following email addresses, depending on the subject matter in question. In the email, kindly include a contact number.


  • for REQ and Caspar‐related queries;
  • for AML/CFT technical queries;
  • for all other queries regarding the FIAU’s AML/CFT supervisory and enforcement functions;


3. Physical meetings:


To a large extent, and unless it is strictly necessary, the FIAU is not holding any physical meetings, and is either postponing them or holding such meetings through other alternative means, such as video conference or  teleconference. In this respect, we kindly ask Subject Persons to refrain from coming to the offices of the FIAU unless a meeting has been scheduled.


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