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Malta announces major reforms to strengthen the fight against financial crime

Creation of new Financial Organised Crime Agency to investigate and prosecute the most serious cases of money laundering and financial crime New Police Prosecution Unit to accelerate the prosecution of […]

Malta praised for being a longstanding partner at the EBRD

“We are interested in bringing together Europe and Africa, especially North Africa; we have our expertise, history, good contacts, we are trusted as honest brokers and as a small country […]

The implications of the Digital Tax are becoming clearer and therefore Malta urges caution at EU level

“Malta was asking other member states to be cautious about going for a quick fix Digital Tax in view of the implications which are now becoming clearer, that as Europeans […]

Global talks on cross-border taxation ‘necessary’ – Minister Scicluna

Cross-border taxation, including changes to corporate taxation, must be discussed at the global level through international fora such as the OECD, Finance Minister Edward Scicluna told European Union counterparts.   […]